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Sometimes you are so strong.

Sometimes you’re so hard.

You would be able to uproot a mountain.

Other times you’re so fragile.

So insecure.

You need to catch up.

To feel safe.

To understand the affection.

To be in my arms.

You need me to catch you.

That you lay down on the bed.

That you undress.

And that you kiss.

That you caress.

You need to make love.

To feel happy.

You want to sleep with me.

To spend the night with those who love you.

And then to laugh.

Laugh the next morning.

Of your evening tears.

To be indifferent to your weaknesses.

To a given flower.

For a night of love.

And then you come back to be so strong.

That you do not realize it.

Like your name.

So hard.

So sweet.

I love you.

Despite everything and everyone.

Despite yourself.

That you try not to understand.

What you do only evil.

I love you……

Your being.

Your name is.

I call you.

And like the heart that hurts.

And like the heart that enjoys.

You are love.

Of this moment.

Nothing more.

And nothing less.

At this moment we are.

And you are strong and tough.

And I never told you more than me.

And you are weak and insecure.

As I am.

And I find the courage in you.

Piccoli pensieri
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