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This is my past.

This is my present.

This is my future.

With the same desire to be.

I do not know why.

Meet you one day.

Too bad that the dream is only mine.

I said everything about you.

Certainty fades.

We cannot live on hope alone.

When you see only darkness around you.

So many times, I thought.

Thought to finish the time.

But then I saw …

What did I see?

What do I see?

My mother’s eyes.

My mother’s smile.

The strength and weakness of words.

The sadness of the time that goes.

Now I no longer feel sweet caresses.

And I wonder.

What’s this?

What are?

I’m the one who writes these lines.

Now I have nothing more to write.

I think I’ve finished.

Other things are over.

Piccoli pensieri
(©) copyright by Roberto Pagotto.  All rights reserved.

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