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Canzoni. Parole per te. Songs. Words for you.YOU WILL NOT OPEN ANYONE
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Birra artigianale Colderove

Read a picture.

Observe a script.

Listening to silence.

This is you.

Always stupid things.

Come in my arms when you feel like it.

I read your eyes.

Wet with the tears of the moment.

I watch what comes out of your lips.

Fake and confusing words.

Listening to your not saying.

The excuses do not exist.

You entrust me to my forgiveness.

It’s not like that anymore.

You cannot always say.

“I do not do it anymore”.


Hurricane passed.

Everything returns as before.

You got me.

And, brought into the abyss.

Too late I realized.

Who cannot read what he is writing is stupid.

And, I’m stupid.

That’s why I do not read any more.

Have you ever thought about living …?

Live for me.

Live for you.

I lived for your whims.

You lived for your whims.

I read your photos.

False as you are.

Lies are a truth.

I observe your words.

Weak when you’re right.

Strong when you’re wrong.

I listen to your silence.

The deception is in you.

And you do not do anything to hide.

I’m tired of you.

Collect yourself every time.

Always lost battles.

When the war ends for you.

I’m at peace.

And so, I want to stay.

Do not knock on my door anymore.

Nobody will open you.

Piccoli pensieri
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