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Tell me slowly, your name.

So that you can remember.

Those raven hats.

Golden like the sun.

The eyes of the sky.

Dyed from the earth.

Who are you?

Whisper your sound to the world.

Plan, plan speaks.

Slowly, slowly smile.

A thousand ways to call you.

A thousand faces in the mirror.

The air, always stealthy runs.

Like a planet that goes around the sun.

Tell me your name.

Do not shout.

Whisper and enjoy.

After all, happiness is the moment.

Making that moment last: it’s the memory.

Remember your taste.

Remember your pain.

The moon illuminates the night.

Your light enhances my life.

It goes beyond the heart.

That love wins.

It does not need words.

It does not need names.

Do not tell me your name.

Just tell me you love me.

Tell me your name.

That love names does not have.

Love is only love.

And, slowly, I repeat it.

I repeat your name.

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  1. Per cortesia, Lei puo scrivere in italiano o francese. Grazie infinitamente.

    • Certo che si. Se scorre nel blog vedrà dei post in : inglese, francese, spagnolo e italiano. Per comodità ho applicato la funzione di traduttore, anche se non sempre la traduzione è veritiera. La ringrazio per il Suo interesse verso questo blog: Grazie!

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