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The earth trembles.

And when he trembles.

Take it all with you.

One moment, you can not be afraid.

At that moment, everything changes you.

Sound strong and dull.

Short and lacerating words.

You’re alone, and look for who’s with you.

And the other just looking for you.

No more nothing underfoot.

I did not see above the head.

The resentment I felt.

Now it becomes hope.

The hate I had.

It turns into faith towards others.

How much smoke.

Like fire that feeds.

Enter inside the throat.

How much effort in these bricks?

How much love in these bodies?

How much pain in these tears?

Which will have no end.

When the earth trembles.

The thrill assails you.

It’s never like before.

How many people to console?

How many people to talk.

How many people to promise.

Who does it with the heart.

And, it’s never enough.

Who does it for interest.

And, it’s never enough.

Of course, what is left?

If you love is with you.

Everything is easy.

If you love there is not …

…there is not.

The earth trembles.

Ruins and misery.

There are those who also jackal is.

Steal hope.

Deceive the future.

To hurt the past.

And the present full of rubble.

How many years.

And how many years more.

You forgot about us.

But, certainly not.

Who shoveled their kicks.

How much you spoke.

And you made yourself beautiful.

Those: with hunger.

Those: with thirst.

They did not get tired.

They did not stop.

They just wanted to look.

Few lives have taken.

But those few are born again.

Inside a dead heart.

When the earth trembles.

The biggest heat.

The heat that is not lost.

It is the love of others for you.

To thank is difficult.

The smile of those who help.

It is the most beautiful reward.

Everything else does not make sense.

The earth trembles.

The day after.

They all went.

Words have not changed to facts.

Lies come to the surface.

And you find yourself alone.

And you have nothing left.

The first joints were real people.

Those arrived with fanfare and uniforms.

They left unpleasant odor.

When the earth trembles.

Everything sweeps.

Nothing remains.

Only pain is felt.

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