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Canzoni. Parole per te. Songs. Words for you.EVERY SMOOTH
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Every smile of yours.

It is sought.

It is wanted.

It’s a light breeze.

It is a sweet scent.

It is a deep breath.

It is a moan of pleasure.

It is the water that washes me.

It is the sun that dries me.

It is the winter warmth.

It’s the cool summer.

And a kiss.

It is a reproach.

That’s all.

It’s nothing.

It is a gift.

It is your refuge.

It’s your anger.

It is your jealousy.

It’s your love.

It is pain.

It is joy.

It is a conquest.

It’s your light.

It’s arrogance.

It is the wind that follows me.

It is a life given.

It is you.

That I love.

Come on smile again.

Piccoli pensieri
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