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I know you, woman for many.

I know the loneliness, of a few moments.

I know the weight, of the time that goes.

Pay the company.

What price cannot have.

That evening, you know I did not want to.

I did not want to stop you.

And yet I looked for you.

And yet I wanted you.

Half an hour, or a little more.

Kisses and caresses.

I do not have a woman.

But, I have you.

Woman for many.

Nobody’s woman.

How many times have I returned again?

And, still from you.

And, again from others, like you.

Respect, you know is not measured with words.

Respect, you know is not measured by gestures.

Respect, you know is not measured with money.

I leave this distinction to others.

Judging is always nonsense.

What do you know about the lives of others?

I know you, woman for many.

I know you, nobody’s woman.

Alone in the face of adversity.

Always alone in front of injustice.

Always candid, never dirty.

The mud comes from those who believe themselves superior.

Higher then to whom?

When the slime you take it on your beautiful shoes.

I wonder then why it continues to exist.

A profession exists.

A fake exists.

A truth exists.

Let it be, life must still be lived.

I met you that evening.

That night I dreamed of you.

And, now you’ve become a new thing.

A different thing.

I know you, a woman for a single man.

At least, I hope.

Woman for me.

Woman for you.

It does not matter what you do.

Import what it is.

The past never returns.

You’re worth what you are now.

Sad and sweet.

Lover and companion.

Mother and daughter.

That life is over.

You left.

Only you know why.

And, who so much to laugh.

Now he is crying.

I’m here with you.

Did you do it for me?

You did it for you.

I know you, my woman.

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