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How many times have I thought of leaving you?

How many times have I thought to say goodbye?

How many times have I thought about changing life?

A lot of times.

Maybe too many times.

But then that day.

That evening everything changed

A bit ‘by chance and a little’ no.

We found her.

Who knows why.

In that city.

That our country is not.

Seeing you is like starting over.

To see you is like a train that goes back from the street.

Meet again, love each other again.

You told me that after a long time you were no longer beautiful.

No, you love me even more.

I want to be with you even more than before.

You and I.

With the desire and the courage to take you with me forever.

Change our history.

Change in an instant.

Change our love.

But then the day ended.

And, the night is slow on us.

Piccoli pensieri
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