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What I’ve ever tried that day.

What I’ve ever heard.

I’m back.

And it never happened to me.

I saw some things.

Little beautiful things.

As I did.

I have not resisted anymore.

I wanted to hurt you …

I wanted to hurt …

I let go of the head.

A feeling like never before I wanted to understand.

The world was bad.

The world is bad.

And I with him.

I was not prepared.

You are never prepared.

You were waiting for him.

Oh yes, that you expected it.

But I pulled back.

Maybe just in time.

I sat on the bench.

And, let the time run.

Let history go away.

He slid like water on his skin.

And certainly, a burn left me.

He left me in the soul.

I tried to get away.

And I could not do it.

I did not want to hear you anymore.

I did not want to try anymore.

The sense of freedom without you.

The sense of peace without you.

Surely, you’re the most terrible thing.

You’re like hate.

You are hated.

Piccoli pensieri
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