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And, this is you.

After two years or so.

Of course it cannot be said that you are the same.

Or maybe yes.

Suddenly it reappeared in my eyes.

I do not know why?

Arrived in that foreign valley.

Alone or in company?

That I never saw, but the presence felt.

Nervous and aged, I heard you.

But, not tired.

Are not you still tired of making fun of me?

The months have passed again.

I thought I agreed.

You passed the time once again.

You never kept your word.

Not me, that all the faults have.

You play with my life.

Another year has passed.

What are they for you?

They are just those who give you help if you need?

They are just who you take for your comfortable?

Are they only those who love you without being loved?

They are just those who leave you.

I leave you now and forever!

Piccoli pensieri
(©) copyright by Roberto Pagotto.  All rights reserved.

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