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Canzoni. Parole per te. Songs. Words for you.THE LAST TIME
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The last time.

You were arguing with your friend.

And as usual.

You, petite and fragile.

You could make yourself respected.

With those words of yours.

Intertwined like rings in a chain.

Change orders.

Staying in the same substance.

Always your prison remained.

Always the same chain.

Your way of being.

I love you or I hate you.

The last time.

I still wanted to talk to you.

Tell you that I love you.

I love you for what you are not.

I love you for what I am.

I love you for what you are not.

I love you for what I am with you.

The last time.

A lighted night.

A light breeze.

Thought in the morning.

On a new day with you.

Not understanding what is the last time.

Not to believe in the last time.

Always think of you.

The last time.

I thought it had just begun.

My life with you.

Love with you.

Fill the heart only.

I waited for you.

I had desired you.

I simply had you …


The last time.

That chain has broken.

That love is over.

That night is dark.

That breeze has become temporal.

What is collected after the storm.

Only ice and rubble.

The last time.

Last time with you.

It was nice.

I still love you.

For what you made me become.

I love you like it was the last time.

I love you like it was the first time.



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