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It’s Father’s Day.

I do not know what he means.

All to bring gifts.

To kiss this man.

What have I ever had.

Of course, the seed has come.

But, the hug has never arrived.

My father was not there.

And the words of stupid people, yes!

Easy to blame.

When you do not know life lived.

Never tried shame.

Never tried envy.

A woman is never alone.

Strength and courage support it.

And, they accompany the journey of a mother.

The whispered breaths.

They come for the major from his own sex.

Contempt is a condition.

Which over time becomes a habit.

Lonely girls with a son.

It is no longer so difficult to observe.

It’s Father’s Day.

And, I do not know what it is.

This woman who gave me as a father.

Because I never had it.

And yet I grew up.

And I love women.

And yet I hate certain men.

Son father, without denying my woman.

The kiss of a daughter.

The embrace of a child.

Donating is beautiful.

Receiving is pain.

I can never give to my father.

Only my mother can pay homage.

So much time has passed.

And you never came.

To knock on my door.

You know that there are.

I hate you and I love you.

My mother still remembers you.

How can I hate you.

How can I love you.

I do not know you.

It’s Father’s Day.

The only father I know is: my mother.



Xmas 18

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