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Take this time.

And do what you want.

When it arrives…

The night.

And, the day ends.

Look for me in your dreams.

I’ll be there waiting for you.

I’ll take you among the stars.

To see the world as it is from up there.

The night.

My only company.

Your only desire.

Look for me and I will find you.

Riding the moon I will do it.

To stay with you.

How beautiful it is to see from up here.

Take my hand.

Come away with me.

Listen to me for once.

Listen to me!

The night.

This darkness that assails you.

This shadow that covers you.

I’m here with you.

Do not be afraid.

I hold you tight.

You see the sun up there.

Fly away with me.

The wings are not needed.

Just believe.

Fly, fly.

And let it be …

The night.

Look for me inside you.

Look for me!

And, let the infinite bring you to itself.

I can not wait for you.


Let it all be.

The night.

After the night.

The day comes.

Stay with those who live in you.


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