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Without you realize.

So suddenly.

Or little by little.

You stop for a moment.

And you think.

But, look how it changes you.

But, see how it changes.

Life flows and you are there watching it.

How many times, how much time.

It’s been over now.

To always tell you the same things.

And now I realize that I have also wasted this whole life.

This time, to be with your thoughts.

What have I done to fall in love with you?

What have I done to help you?

And I think.

That everything was useless.

But, if I had not done it, what would it be now of me?

Of course I would be very different.

Of course I would have less problems.

Or, maybe more.

Without you I would not have understood what to love a woman.

Without you I would not have understood what to live thinking about who is in love.

Without you I would not have lived.

And what did I do with you?

In the end only pain.

And you think.

And I think.

How everything flows.

And nothing remains.

How everything changes.

And nothing is the same.

How life changes you.

And how you change.

How life changes people.

And how they change.

I’m sad.

But, I’m happy.

To have made sense of this time.

I feel pain.

But, I have so much joy.

To have discovered what it is to love.

To live with you.

Live for you.

What do you want me to think?

I think.

What time are you leaving me?

A little at a time, but you’re leaving me.

We both know it.

The road is now taken.

And you do not come back anymore.

I’m sorry to see you like that.

You were a rock, and yet you are.

I am fragile, and I remain forever.

You are my strenght.

And without you …

I love you.

I would like time to return.

But, I can not do it.

Please forgive me.

I apologize if I did not give you everything.

I always think of you.

And I always think of you.

It is not a goodbye.

Just bye.

Sooner or later we will meet again.



Piccoli pensieri
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