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Let’s try.

And, if now.

If now, I think about how it could be.

Being with you.

If you were different.

Stay with me and not alone.

Arguing, loving.

To scream, to caress.

Living today’s life.

Enjoy your shadow.

Napping on your lap.

And, if now.

If you live my life now.

And it is not always yours alone.

Without you and without me.


Like the doors to open.

And see what’s there.

Do not close yourself in the room in the dark.

And, if now.

If I can not be without you now.

This is the truth.

Absurd and ignorant as only you can be.

Why opens the doors.

Leave them closed it’s so nice to leave everything as it is.

And being with you.

Simply with you.

And, if now.

If I want you now.

What are you answering me?

Piccoli pensieri
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