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You were looking for help.

And, you needed this much.

You were looking for it for many.

You found it from a few.

Arrogance is in you.

We realized too late.

Those who offer themselves to you are not worthy of thanks.

Hours, days, weeks, months.

Lost to help.

Who do you think there is not?

But of this nothing is true.

Made with the heart, without asking anything.

Repainted with sharp blades.

Come, always with your back.

Courage has never been in you.

This is the grace received.

And, not happy.

To bark of false things.

Arrogance is in you.

Hands to lean on others bodies.

And feeling innocent.

Even guilty

This is your greed.

And then, to say, long and wide.

A woman twenty years older.

With less force.

And alone.

He sent you to care.

Perhaps foolish is who believes you.

Perhaps foolish is who rails.

Perhaps a fool is someone who follows you.

Do not help.

If ingratitude is what you get.

And twists of words.

Stupid smells of stupidity.

They wander the street.

Truth is another thing.

Which does not always emerge from the slime.

Pay to be right in the false.

Those who are paid, of course, their dignity loses.

Who pays, has no dignity to defend.

Arrogance is in you.

Being able to judge without knowing.

Stupid thought.

Forcing others.

Freedom, perhaps it loses.

But, never stupidity.

Piccoli pensieri
(©) copyright by Roberto Pagotto.  All rights reserved.

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