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 It does not stop.


Every time.

She leaves and goes.

You start on the road, perpetual.

It’s also for you.

For a moment you are resting.

Lying to taste the flowing time.

The petals that fly moved by the wind.

And, they lie lightly on the damp grass.

Forming a colorful corolla.

And down there, coming from the ground.

A new life emerges.


But, tenacious to the wounds.

The greatest fatigue: it is born.

The greatest fatigue: it is dying.

In the middle only transport to the air.

What never settles.

Although calm and placid.

You stopped.

For a moment.

To breathe, to observe.

See you too.

That nothing stops.

What’s up.

The memory, that remains.

Of course, it fades over time.

Never forget who you loved.

They say that he watches over us.

They say that you are born again.

They say … many things.

The love you gave me.

Stay in my heart.

And, every moment lives in you.

Life is strong.

You know that.

You taught me these things.

Every day, every moment.


Start a new life.

You are still.

To wait.

It’s so nice to know.

What among today’s born: there is you.

I do not look for you, where time has stopped.

I look for you in the rose; just bloomed.

You have not stopped.

You are in these hands.

Piccoli pensieri
(©) copyright by Roberto Pagotto.  All rights reserved.

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