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Being only air.

Without body and birthmarks.

Go where time is not there.

To hear and not to speak.

Understanding and not trying.

Fly here or there.

What do you think of this man?

I believed you my love.

So many times, I thought you were weak.

Maybe I talked about it.

But, never with you.

And, you now have to say false things aloud.

I do not know you anymore.

How much love I have put away in vain?

Being only air.

Without a body, it desires it.

It makes you discover.

What do people think of you?

Perhaps what you think of them.

Always without saying.

Always without knowing.

To die and still be alive.

I did not think I was so loved.

Uselessly loved.

How much pain you feel?

Blood tears of I run.

I’m still here.

Raise up that life still gives you joy.

Being only air.

Without a body, it desires it.

Walk where time goes.

It is not nice to make those you love suffer.

Only one test was.

How hard it was.

Living without you.

To love means to suffer.

And we love each other so much.

Now I know.

Sorry if I treated you like that.

To know is beautiful.

Ignoring it is more.

I’m here.

I’m not air.

And a body I have.

With his cravings.

One day I will really be.

Only air.

Without body and birthmarks.

Without return.

Without you.

Piccoli pensieri
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