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Hello do you remember me?

When we met that evening.

You told me your name: Ivanka.

A name, maybe hard, but you were not like that.

Immediately you spoke to me about you and your daughter: your daughter.

And from that moment on, without my noticing it: my life changed.

But, maybe yours also changed.


To you, yes to you.

This is you, this is me.

You did not need a man, while I was you, yes.

Our common history began.

A tiring journey with few happiness.

Get your truths, your lies.

Of the few truths and the many lies.

And then, one day, suddenly I cannot find you anymore.

Where did you go Ivanka?

I miss you so much, do you know?

I’m looking for you and I cannot find you.

I call you and you do not hear me.

Why did you live again after a long time?

I was happy to hear your voice.

Happy, angry, impatient, calm.

Finally, at my side, but far away, too far in space.

“Help me or leave me!”

These are your screams.

No, I will not leave you.

I will not leave you, now that you need me like the air you breathe.

The lies are about to end.

Ioane Maria, your name.

But it’s always up to you that I dedicate everything.

Because it changes the name, and you are the same.

Determined, strong, decisive.

Insecure, weak, disheartened.

But above all: alone.

Alone, with this poor fool at your side.

To you, who are inside me.

You taught me love.

You taught me forgiveness.

You learned my life.

This, only this and dedicated to you.

It’s all my life to you.

And now, after a long time, why do you come back to where you left off?

Do not you think about this fool?

Come here to me, do not be afraid.

Piccoli pensieri
(©) copyright by Roberto Pagotto.  All rights reserved.

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