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This is the woman I fell in love with.

There: lying on the bed.

In the dim light of the room.

Light reflections.

A penumbra that is exalted on the body.

Which shapes the shapes: clear and sweet?

Hands reach out towards me.

“…come here…”

How can I resist you?

“…I want to be with you. I want to feel close to you … “

I lie down next to me.

I’m almost afraid of hurting you.

I smell the intoxicating smell.

The sweet warmth of the body.

You put on your side, you look at me, you smile.

Hands on the cheek.

I feel its softness.

My fingers touch my lips.

They touch me until they kiss them.

You like being kissed.

You lean towards me.

I kiss you.

Yes, kissing for you is important.

And if it is for you.

It is also for me.

On the cheeks.

On the mouth.

First on one side, then the other.

Finally, there: in the center.

I hear you come to me.

Lie down.

And stay.

Piccoli pensieri
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