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You know what I think of you.

Yes you know.

You know what I think of us.

We who are here.

Our world.

Our way.

The words, the sentences.

The lies, the truths.

The blackmail, the joys.

But then what is it.

Research, the desire.

To find us and get lost.

What can ever be happiness?

What can fear be?

Time is just an enemy.

Happiness is nothing but fear.

Is fear perhaps happiness?

I’m happy with you.

But I’m afraid of you.

This is how it is every day.

Around the world and around you.

I’m afraid of being happy.

But then why go looking.

Looking for what.

Now I’m here.

Now we are here.

In this time.

In this moment.

That I live with you.

I’m happy.

And I’m not scared.

This is the moment that I live.

You know what I think of you.

It does not matter what I think of me.

I’m here for you …

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