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Thanks so much!

It’s so nice to hear someone close.

Write, photograph and be experienced.

I do it with my heart.

Without infamy and without praise.

I like it, if I really think so.

And, I do not like it if I do not feel sentiment.

I read and observe.

I enjoy and think.

I do not know if others try the same.

But, I think so.

In fact I’m sure.

Thanks so much.

Little comment.

Perhaps not to disturb.

Better to taste and understand.

A photo, a video, a music, a script.

Where imagination exists.

Emotion is born.

I hear it in others

I feel it in me.

It is my emotion.

As for you: it’s yours.

Similar, never the same.

Different, never indifferent.

Yesterday, today, tomorrow.

Thanks so much.

Thanks to those who love you.

Thanks to those who love well.

I pray to those who are accompanied.

Even for a moment.

Sharing is living.

Always learn.

And everything is learned.

From every being, from everything.

Thank you.

Thanks so much.

Thank you very much.

And still few are.



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