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What’s this?

What is it?

Always the same thing.

How time flows, true love?

And you’re still there.

With your thoughts and your answers.

I wonder when you’ll finish it.

But, what is it?

What’s this?

That makes me go on with a woman like you still.

How many times have you told the truth?

Little lies.

And, yes, small.

But as big as you.

And then….

And, then still lies.

What’s this?

What is it?

But, what’s the point?

Only for you, there is a sense.

Love, how I hate you.

Everything is due.

Nothing is thanks.

All right away.

Nothing has time.

What is it?

What’s this?

All ends.

Nothing is as always.

Like the time that life ends.

But you do not have to die.

What’s this…

What is it that I see in you?



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