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I just wanted to leave you something.

You know I’m not good at talking.

Write and describe.

The day has come.

I expected it a long time.

I apologize for entering your life.

When you read these lines.

When you hear these verses.

Quiet love.

I left the room.

But not from your life.

A piece of me stays with you.

A piece of you stays with me.


I wanted to love you.

I did not have your permission.

And as I arrived.

Silently I go out and I apologize.

Remember that your heart beats in me.

And it will always remain.

All I did.

I did it for you, just for me.

So you were in my thoughts.

That I can not imagine a world without you.

So you’re inside me.

That you choked me.


It’s time to go.

Your memory burns me.

It burns in the middle of the sea.

Delivered by the waves.

Broken between the rocks of the soul.

Quiet deforms.

Your presence kills me.

You are fire and as such you heat up.

They are air and as such you feed them.

You are fire and as such you consume yourself.

I am air and as such I disperse you.


I went.

I caught you and scattered where you can not imagine.

And stay them, and you’ll stay.



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