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As in everything it is first time.

In everything it is last time.

And now I find myself thinking.

It is first time.

A time that is not there.

Finished inside you.

A future to write.

A misunderstood past.

What time returns to a different place.

But then different from what.

It is first time.

A moment escaped.


A painful present.

A burnt memory.

Whose ashes regenerate errors.

Never dormant.

Because you do this, always like this.

It is last time.

With you it is never certain.

Every challenge to live.

With or without brakes.

And then who collects your tears.

It is last time.

Even now you are crying.

I am the sigh of your troubles.

The silence of your thoughts.

The emptiness in your heart.

Everything is first time.

Everything is last time.

That’s how it is and I move forward.

Even if I want I do not have



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