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After two years.

So you’ve changed.

So you’re the same.

I borrowed this time.

To find you again.

To get back to you.

What are you doing?

How are you?

I can not judge you.

Your words: beautiful and convincing.

Everything is beautiful about you.

What remains of you.

Inside the heart is marked.

I gave meaning to this expectation.

A sense of life.

Melancholy assails you.

Dark eyes, veiled with tears.

Hard and brittle.

I watch you, entering your world.

You do not need to talk.

For me it’s different: I have to say.

I have to tell.

I have to know.

But I can not.

Not now.

Your hair will settle you.

A smile, enchants you.

Two years have passed.

Who knows how many still passed.

To find you again.

To get back to you.

I can not give this life any meaning yet.

Borrow the time.

No, it’s not possible.

I still leave you alone.

Just because you want it that way.

And I know.

This is the last time I see you.

After two years.


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