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Ah … how I hated women.

With their useless chatter.

Their making themselves beautiful.

Not for men.

But against the others.

Lose time for the ephemeral.

How I hated women.

For their persistent problems.

For their weakness.

The continuous change of character.

For the fake sweetness.

Ah … how I love women.

With their sweet words.

Dressed to enhance the forms.

To highlight things.

The detail that makes you special.

How I love women.

Because the problem is life itself.

With their innate strength.

The inconstant mood, but for this reason always exciting.

For the many secrets revealed.

But how I love, and how I hate women.

The more I love them.

The less I hate it.

I look for them.

I’m looking for her!

But, it will never be mine

Ah … but how I love, how I hate women.



I am his having.

We are the easy prey of a thousand lionesses.

I’m your trophy.


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