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I will hear a word from the silence.

I will listen.

Still a no.

Once again.

And then forever.

These empty phrases.

These ideas are confusing.

The certainty of lies.

I will listen, but I will not hear.

In the casino of a concert.

Between lights and fumes.

Between crying and joys.

What a bit ‘of truth slip on the mouth.

The truth that burns on the tongue.


Chaos becomes music.

This music, this song.

These verses, this stanza.

I will listen, I will listen to you.

Just because you are.

Once again but, always you.

So I spoke, that you did not hear.

Always ahead, without understanding who is close to you.

Always looking for nothing.

Find nothing, and have everything.

What else do you want?

I will listen, your laughter.

To my stupidity.

I will listen to the screams, your whims.

I will listen to the pleas.

Even when I’m tired.

Yes, I will listen.

And I will listen again.

The silence of your being.

The warmth of your body.

At the infinite moment.

In the harmonious voice.

How these ballads.

I will listen.

This last lie.

This last truth.

And I will not understand.

I will listen.

The silence that is about to arrive.

I will listen.


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