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In this moment.

What time it arrives.

What time is here.

Which has now passed.

In this moment.

First, that no longer exists.

To wander in the oblivion of time.

To believe, that everything has no end.

But, the end arrives.

Everyone believes.

Each in its own way.

How it is, how it will be.

And all this is life.

Even those who do not believe … believe.

First it’s here, then it passes

This is living

In any case, in all conditions

The need to believe

The need to live

Finally, believing is living

Although I do not believe

I believe

Rationality is believing

The moment can not exist without belief

In this moment that goes

I’m here

The moment that now arrives

Which slips between the fingers

What never stops him

I do not know how I am

I do not know where I am tomorrow

I exist now

But I already went.

The eternal condemnation of life.




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