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And where else could I go.

And in what time I could be.

And with whom I could speak.

I could live in every place.

I could exist at any time.

I could be with who knows who.

But now you are here.

But, here you are.

You are with me.

You are there.


The heart that pulsates.

The flowing blood.

The air I breathe.

Six …

Like the hurricane that destroys me.

How the fire burns me.

Like the ice that freezes me.

You are there.

In this time that I have chosen to live.

In this place I chose to wear.

In this space that I have chosen to see.


Like the wind that caresses me.

Like the sun that warms me.

Like the water that quenches me.

You are there.

You are simply there.

And I can stay here or there.

Living in every weather.

Live with someone by my side.

You are simply there.

You are there.




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