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It’s all your fault.

Of this situation, the fault is yours alone.

You created it.

With your crazy things.

Make decisions without thinking.

Always thinking that someone will help you.

Now you’re cold, there alone.

Without bread, without thirst.

With a little ‘calm everything is reassured.

Sell ​​your life to the highest bidder.

That the best is not.

Thinking of doing well.

Professing absurd excuses.

It’s all your fault.

And you still want to be right.

With the arrogance of those who are wrong.

You get in trouble.

One after the other.

And then, always ask for help from those who … love you.

How can one continue to love someone like you?

You are heavy, you are weary.

I’m tired of you now.

You took everything from me.

I have nothing left.

Not even the courage to say: No!

Only one thing remains to me.

My dignity.

And, my love … for you.

It’s just your fault.

If you sold everything.

And for what: a piece of bread.

Give your life and never sell it.

You do not understand that all those who love you suffer for you.

It is better that you remain alone.

Always more alone.

You do nothing to change.

I’m tired of you.

This way of life.

You said you were changing.

Now you have to really change.

It’s just your fault.

It’s only my fault.

What did you do?

In this time I close with you.

And I’ll leave you as you are.

It’s only my fault.

Forgive me I can not go on like this anymore.




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