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Every day is different.

I thought about writing the last words.

I can not hear the world without you.

I can not see the time without you.

I can not get into me.

What’s the point if you’re not there?

Is it easier to write no words?

Is it easier to write again?

I find the courage in you.

Without you what do I do?

What am I doing without you?

Every day is the same.

I’m crazy and you know it.

But, without this how do you face life?

And you?

You who are more than me.

You wake up in the morning and change your mind.

Fall and get up.

With a knife on the heart.

Staying on the ground is not enough.

How can it be the same again?

The desire to walk is stronger.

Stronger than anything else.

But, without you where can I go?


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