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Can you talk.

Of course, if you want you can do it.

You can say and explain.

You can omit and create.

But then are you sure you’re listening?

Are you sure that I still believe you?

Once again.

You are determined that I will still take you back.

Once again.

I consoled you and protected you.

When that one, whom you loved so much, left you alone.

He left you on the doorstep.

And I to gather you, to collect your tears.

To dry your eyes.

Once again.

You found yourself wet and defenseless to life.

So he reduced you.

And I sat next to you.

A kiss, a caress, a word, a gesture.

All for you.

Simply for you.

Once again.

I loved you, you know.

I really loved you.

More than my life.

And now.

Once again.

Come back from where you left.

To do the first one.

What did I kiss you for?

What did I caress you for?

What did I give you for?

Can you talk.

Of course you can do it.

Say what you think.

Once again.

I do not listen to you anymore.

I hear meaningless words.

I do not understand you anymore.

Increasingly difficult to understand you.

And, I still love you.

Once again.

Talk to me, please.

I can not stay without your voice.

And I still lose you.

Once again.

And it will never be the last.


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