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This is the story of a young woman born.

Who was chasing a dream:

Love for a man.

Of her older.

Already married.

A man he loved.

With which he made love.

And, with something remained.

A renegade gift.

From her mother.

From her brothers.

A natural love.

Beloved despite everything.

Although someone tried not to give light to life.

The woman ended up down a ditch.

The betrayed bride did this.

He re-emerged and ended up at the hospital.

I continue to feed the fruit of his womb.

That son was born.

For the blind effort remained.

They tried to take away his deepest love.

Stealing and trusting in the woman’s impotence.

The doctor on guard stopped the betrayed woman.

The friendship of those who see pain.

And the fruit returned to his tree.

Perhaps he forgot his father.

Of the woman and the son.

Or maybe he remembered.

But it’s too late now.

I’m still here.

That mother, that son.

To fight with life.

To thank you for breathing.




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