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Get to the top of the summit.

Fiction breaks down.

Reality takes shape.

Long is the way, dangerous and fragile.

Certainty falls into the void.

Indeed no, we are born now.

Being and not being.

This is your belief.

Met after a thousand days.

Living and reliving.

The same things, the same disappointments.

New pains, ancient wounds.

This time it was not you.

I reached the top.

And, I did not realize it.

After another hundred days I understood.

I understood the game.

Punish me, humiliate me.

As others have done with you.

Only you need.

Not me, not me.

And when I was there, you left me alone.

To fight for you.

Illusion to new life.

With you and without you.

Even though I saw your eyes.

I never felt my summit.

You yes?

And what did you have left?

You will not have me anymore.

You will not live it anymore.

That peak to climb.

The descent has remained.

Only that.

It’s the price you have to pay.




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