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On this wall I write your name.

The wall of love.

Built around you.

Built for me.

Which does not divide.

That protects.

Inside and outside.

Brick on brick.

Born and raised.

Nourished and watered.

Where freedom is not a prison.

Words fly around you.

It is not the weather.

It is not the space.

It’s just a wall.

Where to cry.

Where to pray.

It’s just a wall.

It’s just you.

And here I leave you with my being.

And on this facade.

Design your face.

The face of love.

Always inside me.

Always out of me.

I’m protected, I’m free.

What can never contain a wall.

A wall can not contain love.

Love between people.

A mother’s love for her child.

The love you gave me.

And on this wall I renew your name.

Your name.

Lost over time.

Found in space.

Only you are always with me.



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