, Imagely Canzoni. Parole per te. Songs. Words for you.ARE JUST WORDS.
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Sing, write, think.

Views, read, understand.

Invent for you.

Are just words.

And, what can be more.

Only words.

Which make up a story.

That tell a life.

Which narrate a time.

Are just words.

Pain and joy.

Think of it at night.

Talk by day.

Singing everywhere.

Free in the wind.

Are just words.

Surround what I feel for you.

They are caresses of those who love

These lines are.

They carry the hours that pass

They carry the remaining being.

Are just words.

Screams of hatred.

I do not try.

That feeling is too strong.

I see it to you.

What destroys you!

Are just words.

Honey on wounds.

Perhaps loving is not enough.

Maybe kissing you is not enough.

Everything passes, everything remains.

You are here, in these words.

Are just words.

How can they be lethal.

How far can they be male.

How sweet they can be.

How much they can make you breathe.

How can they be ephemeral.

Are just words.

And they do not close out.

They come into you.

Whether you like it or not.

You need it.

You must speak.

Are just words.

Caresses on the skin.

Kisses on the mouth.

Slaps on the face.

Fists in the stomach.

Only words?

Are just words.

Indifference is not in them.

I’m in the air.

I’m in music.

I’m inside you.

I am in the heart.

Are just words.

I write in hatred.

I read in happiness.

I think in anger.

I’m looking for hope.

I live in your love.

Are just words.

Finally, what are they?

Only words?

Lie and truth.

Reality and fiction.

It’s time.

Are just words.

Love is a word.

I can not help thinking of you.

It’s not enough for me to be with you.

I have to write.

I have to read you.

Are just words.

You understand how easy it is.

You understand how hard it is.

What is the difference?

Silence is an indefinite din.

The music is a petal that goes.

Are just words.

Mine among yours.

I love you, do you understand?

A thousand times I said this.

And, you still do not understand it?

Maybe you love your way.

Are just words.

They are not knives.

They slip on.

They leave spots.

They destroy good.

They leave the time they find.

Are just words.

Your strength is not made of words.

You are my strength, only you.

Please stay, do not go.

Come and do without you?

Excuse me for the pain I gave you.

Are just words.

Now they are finished.

End up inside me.

Collected inside you.

But, they are not mine anymore.

They are those who collect them.

Are just words.

Eternal and never infinite.

Stupid and never ignorant.

Obnoxious and never deadly.

Intelligent and never wise.

They’re there, get what you want.

Are just words.

They are of this destiny.

I’m from this time.

I’m from this life.

I am of this love.

They are just air.

Are just words.





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