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THAT WOMAN ON THE BEACH. Quella donna sulla spiaggia

Do not use violence to women!

Sometimes it’s so difficult.
Strive, covet, without finding.
Compose a sentence.
To rummage in words.
Rummaging a meaning.
It’s so difficult.
I do not understand.
So I do not think so.
Scroll through the images.
Of the devastated faces.
Observe the photos.
Of the violated bodies.
Read the columns of a newspaper.
Tales of absurd madness.
I do not understand.
I do not understand how you can get that much.
That woman.
That woman: lying on the beach.
That woman: burnt in the fire.
That woman: lying on the sand.
Why did you do all this?
How can you think you are …
To be … superior to you.
To be … your master.
No woman is an object.
No woman is prey.
No woman is a prisoner.
It can not be this way.
And if you think so.
Only if you think …
… how can you continue to live?
I remind you that you have arrived in the world.
Arrived, thanks to a woman.
That woman happy about you!
And now you’ve betrayed her.
My mother: she is a woman.
My daughter: she is a woman.
My love: it’s a woman.
Who loves you: she is a woman.
Who do you love: she is a woman.
Love: it’s a woman.
Why do you do this?
That woman on the sand.
The mutilated body.
The disfigured face.
The torn skin.
Did you own it?
Did you own it?
It is she who has possessed you.
Not even the worst animal can do this.
You do not deserve these words.
You deserve nothing.
Only pain and infamy.
These words, find and shout.
They are valuable for you.
They are written for you.
They are sung for you.
Just for her.
Sometimes it’s difficult.
Expressing yourself is difficult.
But, you can not be silent.
It must only: condemn.
It only has to: isolate.
It should only …
… just cry.
… just suffer.
Suffer from being a man.
To repent of being a man.
Shame on being a man.
Thank you for being born of a woman.
I apologize.
Not to be violent, with whom I love.
Not to deprive the freedom of those I love.
I apologize…
It’s difficult!
I do not believe it, and I do not think so.
I do not understand it, and I refuse it!
I’m a man.
And not my pride of your violence.
I’m a man.
And I cry at scarring.
When you, poor fool, kill a woman.
Kill your woman.
What do you say with this?
Come on, say it!
That woman on the beach.
The sea cleans its horror.
The sand reminds of its splendor.
A gesture of pity.
A sign of respect.
What you do not have.
Remember that you killed: your mother.
Compose a sentence.
Search for words.
It’s difficult.
But it’s so easy to say …
…That’s enough!
A bunch of flowers.
I brought on the beach.
I brought that woman.
That woman on the beach.
I prayed
In the presence of a man.
Born a thousand and more years ago, from a love story.
And I asked for forgiveness.
I lose for you.
That woman on the beach.
The sea is the cradle.
The wind dries it.
The sun warms it.
The sand protects it.
Do you see the smile?
It is a gift: his gift.
It is the light: its light.
It is life: his life.
The life that ends.
In this beach.
That woman on the beach.



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